1.Green Flash: Blink once and its gone!


The green in the flash is caused by light bending in the atmosphere and only lasts a few short seconds.

2. Firenado: When wildfires turn into raging twisters


These hellish twisters occur when trees, a hillside or flames force air to shift against competing speeds and air temperatures.

3. Brinicle: The icy cone of death


When a brinicle touches the seabed it leaves an icy trail capable of freezing sea urchins and starfish.

4. Aurora Borealis: Nature’s incredible display of lights


Typically seen closer to the poles and during the equinoxes of the year, these epic displays appear in many colors, although commonly seen in green and pink.

5. Roll Clouds: Waves that travel across the sky


People have described these clouds as looking like horizontal tornadoes. These types of arcus clouds are typically found during thunderstorms.

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