People analysed everything they do (or even possess) to learn more about themselves and others.  Whether it be handwriting or palm lines, blood type or the day they were born, every one of these methods claims to be able to tell you about the person in question.

Whether you believe in some or all of these (or none for that matter), you may not have heard of this next sign of an individual’s personality.

clenchBelieve it or not, people claim you can tell something about a person by the way he or she makes a fist. If you haven’t already, make a fist as well.


Now, when you do, does your thumb sit against your index finger?


If it does, it means you would do anything for others and think little about yourself. But you should be careful, as some people will take advantage of you because of this.

Does your thumb lie across multiple fingers?


That means you are confident and people are drawn to you. Maybe it’s because of your wonderfully creative personality. Despite your trust in yourself, however, you sometimes avoid daring choices because you’re scared of a negative outcome.

Lastly, what does it mean if your thumb hides under your other fingers?


Like your thumb, you often draw into yourself giving you a strong sense of inner peace. You have a large heart that goes out to those in pain. People naturally like you as you win them over quickly with your natural charm.

What do you think? It’s up to you to decide how reliable it is.

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