10 Cool And Funny Gifts Ideas


A set of two giant googly eyes, because your sense of humor is perfect and we would be great friends, you and eye!

A 3D corgi butt mouse pad that’ll be a hit at work — no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

An adult coloring book called The Big Adventures Of Tiny Dick for the hilarious dick pic you would actually be ok receiving and sending to a friend!

The ‘Kids Against Maturity‘ Card Game

Touchscreen gloves can lend a helping hand, and with these you can get one or two pairs of these highly rated bestsellers.


A set of 20 cat paw chair socks for the cat lover who’ll appreciate that you want to protect their floors from damage while also making them giggle profusely.

Fancy Cube That Will Take Away The Nervous Energy

Condom style stopper never fails to draw out fun and endless laughter

A set of cat butt fridge magnets that’ll turn a few heads (or tails) fur a good laugh in the kitchen.

A pizza box of socks that’ll have them cheesin’ with a ~pep~ in their step every time they wear them.

The Screen Door That’s Designed To Be Pet-Friendly


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