Semicolon Tattoo Means “My story isn’t over yet”

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.” – The Semicolon Tattoo Project; talking about suicide and mental illness. For more info click here

Inspiring Semicolon Tattoos from real life warriors:

The semicolon represents a pause… a point where it could have been the end of the sentence or story but it's not. It's a reminder that your story isn't over yet. That whatever struggles someone may be dealing with should not mean the end of your story. The tattoos represent hope and love for those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury. The semicolon has become a symbol for mental health awareness, which is something that is often overlooked until a loved one commits suicide. We wanted to get these tattoos as a reminder and as a chance to share a story of hope with anyone who asks. That while it may be funny to joke about someone taking "crazy pills" or "happy pills" to battle their illness, what you're really doing is making light of what could be a potentially serious illness for them. You wouldn't make fun of someone taking insulin to fight diabetes, so why is this any different? I encourage all of you to reach out to those you love and just let them know you are there and that you care and that there's no judgement if they are struggling with any type of mental health illness. You are loved and you are important and your story isn't over. #semicolonproject #semicolontattoo #bethechange #lovewins #mentalhealth #tattoo #projectsemicolon #family #hope

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Semicolons are used when the author could have ended the sentence but chose to continue. You are the author and the story is your life. #projectsemicolon #semicolonproject Don't be afraid to share your story. The number of people who struggle with depression, anxiety, thoughts of self harm and other mental health issues is staggering. Unfortunately these problems remain undiscussed because they are considered shameful and embarrassing by modern society. If more of us would share our stories, more people would know they aren't alone and there is always hope. I wear the semi-colon as a mark of pride. I'm not ashamed that I struggle with addiction, depression, and OCD. I'm not ashamed that I've been to some seriously dark places in my mind because I've come back. I'm still here and I'm getting stronger each day. My struggles give me strength. They've made me who I am. I'm wearing this symbol on my body for life as a reminder to myself that there is always the choice to continue on and to let others know they aren't alone. #shareyourstory @tattoolab

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