Spurious correlation is a high correlation between two random, unrelated statistics.

Harvard law student Tyler Vigen made a hilarious collection of spurious correlations to emphasize the fact that correlation does not imply causation.

Divorce and Margarinespurious correlation

Bedsheet Deaths and Ski Profitsspurious correlation

Norwegian Oil and Train Accidentsspurious correlation

Miss America and Murderspurious correlation

Uranium and Arcade Revenuespurious correlation

North Carolinian Marriage and Executionsspurious correlation

Sour Cream and Motorcycle Accidentsspurious correlation

Power Line Accidents and Alabaman Marriagespurious correlation

X-ray Deaths and Bike Accidentsspurious correlation

Math Degrees and Suicidespurious correlation

Space Exploration and Sociology Degreesspurious correlation

Tech Expenses and Suicidespurious correlation

Honey Bees and Drug Possessionspurious correlation


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