People have been frequently asking if penguins have knees, especially as their entire body is covered with feathers. Looking at them waddling about with plump bellies and very short legs makes you doubt if they have knees.

Do Penguins Have Knees?

Do Penguins have knees?

The answer is yes. Penguins have knees. Their legs have a short femur, tibia, fibula and of course knees. Their short, stubby upper leg is covered by feathers and can only know they have knees from skeletal photos like the one below:

Penguins Have Knees

Just like most bipedal vertebrates, they have leg bones though the adaptation makes walking a little bit harder for them. Science has discovered that penguins spend more energy walking than other land animals because of their body weight. Other adaptations makes them to have an increased mobility under water. It makes them to maneuver easily and exceptionally fast underwater since majority of their prey and predators live underwater.

See more pictures of Penguin knees below:

Penguins Have Knees

Penguins Have Knees

Other Amazing things About Penguins

We now know that penguins have knees. There are other amazing things you could learn about penguins that many do not know.

– The largest specie of penguin is the Emperor penguin. It is 114cm tall and weighs up to 41kg.

– The smallest specie of penguin is the blue penguin. It is 25cm tall and weighs 1.1kg. It is also called the fairy penguin.

– The Macaroni penguin has the largest population with an estimated 18-23 million in number.

– The fastest penguin is the Gentoo penguin with speed levels up to 35km per hour.

– The least population of penguin is New Zealand’s yellow-eyed penguin with about 4,000 individuals.

– The species of penguins vary between 17-20 depending on the person you ask from and 13 species are endangered.

– The male penguin incubates the eggs while the female goes out to eat.

– About 75% of the lives of penguins are spent in water meanwhile they give birth on land or ice.

– The average lifespan of penguins is between 15-20 years depending on the specie.

– Penguins shed their feathers yearly and grow new ones. The process takes about two to three weeks. During the process, the penguins cannot eat, hence they have to fatten themselves beforehand.

– All penguin species are found in the southern hemisphere except the Galapagos penguins that have ever ventured into the northern hemisphere.

– It is also necessary to know that an entire book was written called “Do Penguins Have Knees?” that answers other questions about penguins that you didn’t know.

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