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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Aaliyah Look Alike

Aaliyah Look Alike
Meet Lolita Price, Aaliah’s doppelganger. Her similar features with Aaliyah are incredible. Save

Vince Vaughn Promotes His New Movie in Cheesy Clichéd Stock Photos

Vince Vaughn Promoting His New Movie in Cheesy Stupid Stock Photos
As a genius promotion for his film Unfinished Business, Vaughn and his collegues, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson, released a series of their own clichéd, ridiculous stock photos that were made by Photoshopping actual cheesy stock photos. Quitting Time Delegation Technology Bravo, keep up the good job! Brainstorming Goals Respect Business forecast Positivity Authority Communication Teamwork

34 Most Beautiful Celebrities Having Fun With Their Younger Selves

celebrities then and now
If you could turn back in time what would you say to your your younger self? What life advices would you give him/her? For me it's easy, I would say to my younger self to stop worrying so much, stop trying to figure it all out and take life step by step as it comes... oh, and and give up...

Game of Thrones Characters And Their Celebrity Look Alikes

Game of Thrones Characters Celebrity Look Alikes
Yes, we’re obsessed with each Game of Thrones character’s signature look. They seem so unique, but outside Westeros borders there are some real people who look just like them.

Amazing historical pictures

historical photos
The Beatles, 1960. Robin Williams joining the cheerleaders team, 1980...

25+ Celebrity Lookalikes Who Are Real People

This Reddit thread that started 1 year ago asked users to post side-by-side photos of themselves and their celebrity look alike or their celebrity lookalike friends and has invited a staggering 13,000 comments. The location and identities of these people are largely unknown. Reddit allows users to remain anonymous. One man, who looks so much like musician Ed Sheeran that you...

The 35 World’s Highest Paid Actors

highest paid actors
Robert Downey, Jr. - $80 million We all know that actors and actresses get paid an exorbitant amount of money, but we can’t deny that we all love to see them on the big screen.  Entertainment is such a staple in the modern life that we’re willing to spend a pretty penny to see our favourite actors, film after film. But...

38 Pictures With Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portraits

van gogh self portrait
Vincent Van Gogh was known for his array of self-portraits.  Between 1886 and 1889 he created more than 36 different paintings and drawings of himself.  The reason for so many self-portraits is laid out in a letter by Van Gogh himself. He explained that he believed if he could manage to paint himself properly with the help of a mirror...

Top Best Dad Jokes From Twitter

Dad jokes
    Dad Tweets (via imgur)

How Taylor Swift Inspired Her Fan, Ronnie Brower, to Lose 425 Pounds

taylor swift weight loss
Ronnie Brower had a long and daunting task before him and Taylor’s upbeat music kept him pushing through.

Every celebrity has at least one Doppelganger [21 pics]

celebrity doppelganger
Sophia Loren (1961) and Sofia Vergara James Dean (1950) and James Franco Raquel Welch (1965) and Minka Kelly Madonna (1986) and Sky Ferreira Heath Ledger (1997) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Fred Astaire (1950) and Vincent Cassel Mick Jagger (1968) and Harry Styles Helen Hunt (1988) and Leelee Sobieski Dorothy Dandridge (1950) and Maya Rudolph Shalom Harlow (1996) and Olivia Wilde Clark Gable (1932) and George Clooney Brigitte Bardot (1958) and Michelle...

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