18 Eye-Catching Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired DIYs

1. Character Egg Cartonsnightmare before christmas characters

2. Mayor Lampnightmare before christmas characters

3. Oogie Boogie Squashnightmare before christmas characters

4. Zero Ornamentnightmare before christmas characters

5. Jack Skellington Hat and Scarfnightmare before christmas characters

6. Sally Patch Dollnightmare before christmas characters

7. Jack Skellington-Inspired Bow Tienightmare before christmas characters

8. Scary Duck Toynightmare before christmas characters

9. Jack Skellington Halloween String Garlandnightmare before christmas characters

10. Jack Skellington Mug Cozynightmare before christmas characters

11. The Nightmare Before Christmas Cross-Stichnightmare before christmas characters

12. Jack Skellington Cupcakesnightmare before christmas characters

13. Jack Skellington Candy Applesnightmare before christmas characters

14. Sally Painted Pumpkinnightmare before christmas characters

15. Oogie Boogie Monsternightmare before christmas characters

16. Monster Wreathnightmare before christmas characters

17. Jack Skellington Nail Artnightmare before christmas characters

18. Barrel Propnightmare before christmas characters

Astonishing Fish Tanks For Competitive Aquascaping

Whisper of the Pines, Serkan Cetinkolfish tanks

Pilgrimage, Shintaro Matsuifish tanks

Stairway to Heaven, Timucin Sagelfish tanks

Forest Scent, Pavel Bautinfish tanks

Pale Wind, Takayuki Fukadafish tanks

Verve!, Chow Wai Sunfish tanks

Way to Heaven, Dmitriy Parshinfish tanks

Wild West, Stjepan Erdeljićfish tanks

Untitled, Georgi Chaushevfish tanks

Untitled, Francisco Wufish tanks

Untitled, Long Tran Hoangfish tanks

Spirit of the Rain Forest, AJ Judy Prajitno Putrafish tanks

Magic Forest, Chan Shih Hsienfish tanks

After the Rain in Mountain, Katsuki Tanakafish tanks

Moment in Time, Nguyen Tien Dungfish tanks

Ups and Downs, Nguyenthi Xuanthuyfish tanks

Titiwangsa, Wei Cheong Chung

fish tanks

The Late October, Piotr Beczynskifish tanks

The Virgin Stream, Piotr Dymowskifish tanks

Green Paradise, Quan Nguyen Minh-Greenfish tanks

Reaching, Robertus Hartonofish tanks

25 of the Most Prettiest and Poisonous Exotic Flowers

Flying Duck Orchidexotic flower names

Angel’s Trumpetexotic flower names

Flame Lilyexotic flowers

Bleeding Heartexotic flowers

Bird of Paradiseexotic flower names

Corpse Lilyexotic flowers

Ballerina Orchidexotic flowers

Psychotria Elataexotic flowers

Aconitumexotic flowers

Tacca Chantrieriexotic flowersChinese Lanternexotic flowersHuernia Oculataexotic flowers

Torch Gingerexotic flowers

Monkey Orchidmonkey_orchid_1

Trichosantheexotic flowers

Parrot Flowerexotic flowers

Sea Poison Treeexotic flowers

Autumn Crocusexotic flowers

Candy Cane Sorrelexotic flowers

Snapdragon Skullsexotic flowers

Sacred DaturaSacredDatura_Flickr

Swaddled Babies (Anguloa Uniflora)exotic flowers

Alien Tricyrtis Hirtaexotic flowers

Moonflowersexotic flowers

Happy Alien Calceolaria Unifloraexotic flowers

30+ Awesome Inventions

Where Strange and Useful Meet.

Throughout history, inventors have pushed the limits to improve human life. But as more and more things are being invented, one can argue that there are less and less good ideas. But sometimes those seemingly ridiculous inventions make all the difference in your daily life. You may ask yourself, do you really need it? But regardless the answer, you want one. These inventions may not be solving some great worldwide crisis, but they are making your life just a little bit easier.
Who’s to draw the line between ridiculous and ingenious? Certainly not us. We’ll let you decide for yourself as you view the list below.

Answer your smart phone without it ever leaving your pocketAwesome Inventions

awesome inventions

Led slipersAwesome InventionsHug Me PillowAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Baby MopAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Goggle UmbrellaAwesome Inventions

Baby Stroller and Scooter HybridAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

That’s how you lock a USB driveAwesome Inventions

Flask TieAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Ping Pong Door Awesome Inventions

A Duck-Billed Protective Muzzle For DogsAwesome Inventions

Sleeping Bag with Arms and LegsAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Bye bye extension cordsAwesome Inventions

Knitted Beard HatAwesome Inventions

The pillow for blocking out light and sound anywhereAwesome Inventions

The DogbrellaAwesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Foot Powered BikeAwesome Inventions Piano doorbellAwesome Inventions Mix SticksAwesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Water Gun UmbrellaAwesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Don’t miss any of the ocean’s beautyAwesome Inventions

Din-Ink Pen Cap Eating UtensilsAwesome Inventions Awesome Inventions Awesome Inventions

I need thisAwesome Inventions

Anti-Theft Lunch BagsAwesome Inventions

Corner framesAwesome Inventions

The Ab HancerAwesome Inventions

Ironius: The Coffee Mug Iron
Awesome Inventions Awesome Inventions

Football ChairAwesome InventionsAwesome Inventions

Taking your goldfish for a walkAwesome Inventions

Cutting Board Bird FeederAwesome Inventions

The Weight Watch BeltAwesome Inventions

Pizza scissors
Awesome Inventions Awesome Inventions

Greatest pen everAwesome InventionsUseful on those partly cloudy daysAwesome InventionsCute and useful

Awesome InventionsDon’t even get your fingers wetAwesome InventionsSolar powered smart phone chargingAwesome InventionsForget-me-not Kid MittensAwesome InventionsWeird And Awesome InventionsFull Body UmbrellaAwesome InventionsAwesome InventionsBaby Shower CapAwesome Inventions


Why Everyone Should Use The Oxford Comma


The Oxford CommaWhat is the Oxford comma?

Just so you know, the Oxford comma is basically the most important punctuation mark of all time.

The Oxford comma, otherwise known as the serial comma, has come under debate in recent years.

This is how Oxford Dictionary explaines the Oxford comma:

“The ‘Oxford comma‘ is an optional comma before the word ‘and’ at the end of a list:

We sell books, videos, and magazines.

It’s known as the Oxford comma because it wastraditionally used by printers, readers, and editors at Oxford University Press.  Not all writers and publishersuse it, but it can clarify the meaning of a sentence when the items in a list are not single words:

These items are available in black and white, red and yellow, and blue and green.”

Scroll down to see a broad list of reasons why everyone should use of the Oxford comma:

1. Maybe, some of you might like the idea of these strippers
The Oxford Comma

2. Is Rachel Ray a psycho?The Oxford Comma2

3. That’s just weirdThe Oxford Comma1

4. This person knows how to use the Oxford comma!The Oxford Comma3

5. Please use the Oxford comma so you don’t get arrested!The Oxford Comma4

6. Take in consideration that without the Oxford comma, we would never have the Walken comma
11 7. You’re welcomeoxford comma

8. Your parents aren’t Ayn Rand and Godoxford comma

9. Seems like Washington and Lincoln are rhinocerosesoxford comma

10. Apparently Nelson Mandela is an 800-year-old demigod who collects dildos.oxford comma

11. Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence are not puppies!!!oxford comma

12. Who gave birth to Tim Tebow? God and Ms. Trunchbulloxford comma

13. Without the Oxford Comma JFK and Stalin are strippersoxford comma

14.  Talk about your breakfast or to your breakfast?oxford comma

15. Don’t make Barrack Obama marry Fidel Castro!oxford comma

13 Cool Photos That Show Us That We Live In Interesting Times

cool photos

1. A dog catching a treat mid-air.                                                                
cool photos

2. Gingerbread? Iron Throne? Both

cool photos

3. This is how you are sure you parked in the right neighborhood.

cool photos

4.Inception Apple

cool photos

5. Yum yum

cool photos

6. A beautiful 1,700 year-old Roman mosaic was unearthed in Israel.

cool photos

7. How cool is this tile floor pattern from above!

cool photos

8. Hot tea freezing at -40 degree air.

cool photos

9. Awsome bonsai tree castle.

cool photos

10. Huge abandoned chicken-shaped church in Indonesia.

cool photos

11. A truck spilled carbon dioxide into the streets of Mainz, Germany. 

cool photos

12. This detailed carving on a stormtrooper helmet.

cool photos13. This squirrel with good oral hygiene.

cool photos

Creepy Photos You Won’t Easily Forget

creepy pictures
  1. Pripyat and it’s bridge of death after the chernobyl disastercreepy pictures

2. Girl visiting the grave of her twin sister who died the year beforecreepy pictures3. Pile of American Bison Skulls

creepy pictures

4. Aren’t you curious? NOPE…creepy pictures

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Weird-looking Animals You Didn’t Know Existed

weird animals

1. Giant Isopod

Is this even real? It looks like something that came out from an alien versus predator movie.weird animals

2. Umbonia Spinosa

weird animals

3. Galapagos Batfish

weird animals

4. Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

This little insect is just plain cool. Strange… but cool.

weird animals

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