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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

15 Meatless Meals For Lent

Meatless Meals For Lent
Ash Wednesday 2017 will be on March 1, and it marks the beginning of the Lenten Season. This period will last for 40, excluding Sundays and will end on Holy Thursday. In the Roman Catholic tradition, it is period of fasting and penitence and many people abstain from meat during this period. Church doctrine states people are obliged to...

Epic Custom Consoles

Custom consoles that you will definitely want

15 Adorable Baby Bat Pictures

The mention of the name ‘Bats’ can be scary to some, but these mammals with wings are quite interesting and cute. Bats are one of the largest orders of mammals with over 1,200 species existing within the Chiroptera order. Baby bats are born without hair. They are called pups and usually grow fast. In the space of one month, they...

Facts About Mail Order Brides You Should Know

mail order brides
Women sometimes list themselves in catalogs or magazines in order to be chosen by foreign men to get married. The woman would have to initially state that she is advertising herself as a wife. Most of the men that go for this are generally from a slightly more developed country that the one the woman resides in. In most...

Blue Painted Canvas with a White Line Sells for $44 Million

barnett newman
"Onement VI" made by abstract expressionist painter Barnett Newman sold on May 14, 2013 at a Sotheby's auction for a record-setting 43.8 million dollars. Newman painted this 8.5' x 10' masterpiece in 1953. Here he is with it in his studio in 1961...  Am I thougth I could not draw or paint...

15 Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

Symbols are part and parcel of our daily lives. They come in various shapes, appearances and sizes. They are usually used to assist us get through tough times (sadness) and joy. Below is a random selection of the most used magic spell symbols and their meanings. Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings 1. All-Seeing Eye The all-seeing eye is a universal symbol...

When is Ramadan in 2017

Ramadan in 2017 will start on Saturday, the 27th of May and will continue for 30 days until Sunday, the 25th of June. In the Muslim calendar, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of Friday, the 26th of May. What is Ramadan? The holiday honors the time when Allah, via...

The Black Burger

Japan's Burger Kings Black Burger Colored with Bamboo Charcoal And Squid Ink

The door to Hell is a burning hole in Turkmenistan that started to burn 40 years

In 1971, Soviet geologists drilled into a cavern of natural gas near the Turkmen village of Derweze. The ground beneath collapsed and in order to control the emission of poisonous methane gas they decided to set the crater on fire expecting the fire to burn out in a few days. That was 40 years ago and it’s still burning today....

26 Amusingly Weird Phobias And Their Meanings

From the fear of garlic (Alliumphobia) to the fear of teenagers (Ephebiphobia) many phobia sufferers are tormented by the most weird things. It's amusing only for those who don't have these weird phobias. Some of these fears sound a little bizzare, but I can relate to the sufferers because now I can put a name on my weird fear of...

When is Easter 2017

When is Easter 2017
When is Easter? Need to know the precise date of Easter this year? Easter 2017 is on Sunday, April 16 Why Are There Two Easters? Easter Sunday changes based upon the calendars of various Christian churches. Due to these various methods of calculation, various Christian denominations might celebrate the holiday on different days. Many Western Christian churches follow the Gregorian calendar, and numerous...

15 Of The Most Crazy Scary Historical Pictures

creepy pics
1. The body of a Hiroshima survivor.  2. The Mad Bomber's creepy smile. 3. The mummified head of the first nun ever recorded to be possessed. 4. A Russian spy smiling right before getting executed in Finland, 1942. 5. A hotel owner is pouring acid in the pool as black people swim in it in 1964. 6. Remains found in Herxheim, an ancient city in...

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