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Sunday, December 8, 2019

When the Acid kicks in

Tarsiers who look like they have just dropped Acid.

Sphynx Cat – The Hairless Lovable and Adorable Feline

sphynx cat
The sphynx cat shows us that there’s more to a cat than its fur coat. The hairless cats, although they have smooth bodie,s they’re not actually hairless they are covered with a fine layer of downy fuzz. They draw attention wherever they go and they love it. They will do anything for a laugh and human attention. Because this hairless cat is...

Albino Animals that you wont believe aren’t Photoshopped

Albino animals from around the world that you wont believe really exist.

Weird-looking Animals You Didn’t Know Existed

weird animals
1. Giant Isopod Is this even real? It looks like something that came out from an alien versus predator movie. 2. Umbonia Spinosa 3. Galapagos Batfish 4. Hummingbird Hawk-Moth This little insect is just plain cool. Strange... but cool.  5. Atretochoana A class of amphibian that resembles worms or snakes. And something else? 6. Goblin Shark Yikes! More like a shreik fest. But believe it or not, this...

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