A place is haunted when ghosts reside in it. Nevertheless, one can’t tell if there are any concrete proofs of the existence of ghosts or if they actually haunt certain places. A large number of people believe ghosts do exist. The below 15 terrifying ghost haunted places on earth will make it hard not to believe ghosts don’t exists.

1. Jeruk Purut Cemetery

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthThe Jeruk Purut Cemetery found in Jakarta is said to be haunted by the ghost of a headless pastor who carries his head in its hands moving around with a black dog following behind. According to locals, he is looking for his grave which unfortunately is in another cemetery, Tanah Kusir. This ghost-haunted story was an inspiration to the 2006 Indonesian horror film Ghost of Jeruk Purut directed by Koya Pagayo, starring Angie, Sheila Marcia and Samuel Z Heckenbucker.

2. Cinco Saltos

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthIt was reported in 2009 that the corpse of a girl aged 8-12 who had been dead since the 1930s was found intact at the Ossuary cemetery in Rio Negro, Argentina. Reports of ghosts due to witchcraft have been widespread.

3. Dreamworld

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthProduction staff for the reality TV series, Big Brother Australia have claimed of witnessing the presence of a young girl in a building at the Dreamworld park, Coomera, Queensland Australia. Some have claimed the presence of the voice of a child and fog appearing late in the night and early morning. Employees of the park have also talked of sighting the ghost of Jack Darke, who is believed to have been named after a gold prospector and was killed in 1897 by a buzz-saw.

4. Chase Vault

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthThere is a vault in the Christ Church Parish Church cemetery in Oistus, Barbados that is believed to have “mysterious moving coffins”. It is said each time the heavily sealed vault is opened for burial of a family member, they realize all the lead coffins have changed position. This happened in the early 19th century, though the facts are yet to be verified and skeptics call it “historically dubious”.

5. The Joelma Building

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on Earth

On February 1, 1974, a fire incident occurred in São Paulo caused by an air-conditioning unit on the twelfth floor that let to the death of thirteen persons. It is alleged that the building is haunted by the ghost of the victims. It is labeled “Mystery of the Thirteen Souls” because of the individuals who died trying to escape from the fire.

6. The Reichstag building

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthThe Reichtag building in Berlin, Germany has been reported to be haunted by numerous ghosts of famous German politicians.

7. Pyramids of Giza

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthIt is alleged that a man in early 20th century clothing has been spotted by visitors at the Pyramid of Giza. Other rumors claim to have seen the ghost of Howard Carter. Employees have also reported seeing the apparition of an Egyptian Pharaoh floating towards the Valley of the Kings from the pyramids.

8. Baron Empain Palace

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthTourists who visit the Baron Empain Place have claimed to have heard voices throughout the palace late at night. The guards and police officers also claim to have seen ghostly apparitions of individuals who once lived in the palace wandering outside the lawn at midnight.

9. Würzburg’s Dead Nun Ghost

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthThe ghost of a dead nun is believed to be walking through the halls of Praemonstratenser Abbey, in Germany. It is alleged to be the ghost of Maria Renata Von Mossau who was executed only three days after her trial for mixing herbs into people’s food to bewitch them. She was decapitated, burned and her ashes scattered around. To this day, reports still talk of her walking down the hallways with a bouquet of roses in her hand as she picks off the petals leaving a trail on the ground.

10. Tambun Inn in Malaysia

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthTambun Inn is in Malaysia, reported to have had many ghostly apparitions haunting it. Witnesses say lights turning on and off, whispers and eerie cries could be heard and also the ghost of an old woman has been seen besides of the inn.

11. The Beau-Séjour Palace

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on Earth

The Beau-Séjour Palace in Lisbon, Portugal is alleged to be haunted by the ghost of Baron of Glória who resided in the palace in the 19th century. Employees have reported moving and disappearing objects with windows closing and opening abruptly. Visitors also claim to hear the sound of non-existent bells ringing in the gardens.

12. The Quinta da Juncosa

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthThe Quinta da Juncosa building is said to be haunted by the ghost of Baron of Lages and his family. It is alleged that he tied her wife to one of his horse’s legs and dragged her on the floor on suspicion of infidelity. She died and when he discovered that she was innocent, he killed his children and committed suicide. Locals say they have seen his ghost several times over the years.

13. The Ghost of a Little Girl in the Palace of Linares in Madrid

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthThis palace is supposedly haunted by a small girl that appears in the mansion. It is claimed the Marquis fathered her with his sister. In order to hide their incestuous relationship, they murdered her.

14. Borgvattnets prästgård

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthThis rectory is found in a small village in Borgvattnet in Jämtland, Northern Sweden. Reports of hauntings started in the early 1920s. A Swedish TV Show, Det okända claimed to have visited the rectory and were unable to leave. They had to spend the night there. There is also the story of the infamous rocking chair which is claimed to have thrown a priest who lived there on the floor several times.

15. The Ghost of the Nottingham Road Hotel Barmaid

15 Terrifying Ghost Haunted Places on EarthIt is alleged that the ghost of a former barmaid is still wandering in the hotel moving pots, sheets, light fixtures as well as ringing the service bell. Others talk of switching on and off of the TV set and also dripping water. Nottingham Road Hotel is found in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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