Symbols are part and parcel of our daily lives. They come in various shapes, appearances and sizes. They are usually used to assist us get through tough times (sadness) and joy. Below is a random selection of the most used magic spell symbols and their meanings.

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

1. All-Seeing Eye

The all-seeing eye is a universal symbol that represents inner vision, spiritual sight, and a higher knowledge or insight into the occult mysteries.

2. Ankh

The Ankh is an Egyptian cross symbol that represents rebirth, the life-giving power of the sun and a mythical eternal life.

3. Angel

An angel is a symbol of both good and evil spirits in many religions in the world.

4. Circle With a Dot in the Center

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the bindu (dot) represents the male force. When merged together with the circle, it represents unity of the male and female forces. It is a complex symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

5. Masonic Compass

It is a Masonic symbol that is made up of a compass and a T-square. It represents a movement towards perfection and a balance between the physical and spiritual. This is similar to Oriental and Egyptian mysticism. When a compass is used to form circles, it represents spirits, while the ruler represents the physical.

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

6. Crescent Moon

The crescent is an Islamic symbol that can be seen enclosed by a lone pentagram. It represents a victory over death to Muslims. To witches, it symbolizes the aging goddess.

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

7. Double-headed Eagle

The eagle is a symbol that represents authority, power, victory, the sun, a nation’s royal head and sky gods. It is a Masonic symbol of initiation and seal. The number 33 is inscribed inside the pyramid over the eagle’s head.

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

8. Eye of Horus

Pagans use the Eye of Horus as a charm to send or ward off evil. It is believed to represent the eye of the Egyptian sun-god, Horus, who lost one of his eyes at the battle of Set.

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

9. Six-pointed Star or Hexagram

The hexagram is still used today for occult rituals. Occult groups see it as a symbol of the “divine mind” when it is surrounded by a circle.

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

10. Magic Mirror

The magic mirror is used for foreseeing the future, answering questions and so on. It is called “scrying”. The mirror is usually decorated with magic signs at rituals during full moon.

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

11. Pentagram or Pentacle

The pentagram is a symbol that is widely used by Freemasons, witches, pagan and many occult groups. Witches see it as a representation of the four basic elements (water, wind, fire and earth). To them, it also symbolizes Gaia (Mother Earth) as a pantheistic spiritual being. Depending on how it is drawn, the pentagram is also used to send away evil energy or draw in positive energy as well as a symbol of protection,

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

12. Nero’s Cross or Peace Symbol

The Nero’s cross is a broken cross that is placed upside-down. This symbolizes the destruction of Christianity. This was as a result of the hatred and persecution of Christians by the Roman emperor Nero. The sixties saw the symbol revived as a symbol of Utopian hope for global peace and unity on earth.

Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

13. Phoenix

The phoenix is a legendary bird that was believed to die by inflaming itself periodically (believed to be after 100 years) and then coming back to live from its own ashes (after three days as some sources say). The phoenix is a universal symbol that represents resurrection, rebirth, immortality and the sun.

15 Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

14. Serpent or Snake

The serpent or snake represents many things depending on the various pagan and earth-centered cultures that worshiped it. To some, it represents rebirth, others sexuality (male or female), fertility (rain), protection from evil and many others. It is also believed by some to be a mediator between the spiritual and the physical world. On the contrary, the Bible represents a serpent in negative terms. According to the Bible, it represents temptation, sin, destruction and Satan.

15 Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

15. Swastika

The Swastika symbol represents the sun and the four wind directions which represents their corresponding spirits. It was an ancient occult symbol that was revived by Hitler. Today, it represents racism and “white supremacy” of the neo-Nazis. Just like many other occult symbols, it is placed within a “circle”. The cross found in the circle is seen as a mediator between the square and the circle and is done so to emphasize the “joining of heaven and earth”, hence “the perfected human being”.

15 Magic Spell Symbols And Their Meanings

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