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Sunday, October 20, 2019

14 Hysterically Funny Photoshop Fails

photoshop fails
1. They wanted to get rid of the cows 2. She wanted beautiful smiles 3. Nailed it 4. He wanted to get the white spots off the mirror 5. Which Left? 6. That's about right 7. They wanted replace the yellow grass with a beach 8. She wanted smaller forehead 9. He wanted to remove the mustache 10. He wanted to combine all three pictures seamlessly 11. He wanted...

22 Hysterically Funny Parent Kid Face Swaps

face swap
1. 2. Is that Benjamin Button? 3. Giant baby  4. She did it! No, she did it! 5. Awwwww 6. Elf on the Shelf 7. This is a cool faceswap 8. Eeeeeeew 9. Horror movie 10. Here comes the airplane grandma! 11. Not a chance 12. Beard child 13. Mommy, my eyes are up here!!! 14. I'm hysterically laughing rigth  15. Perfect screaming face  16. 17. Funny faceswap 18. Daddy i'm gonna catch you 19. Those faces, can't decide which one is funnier 20. Spooky selfie 21. Huhhhh? 22. Let's spoon

Funny Graphs Show Correlation Between Completely Unrelated Stats

Spurious correlation is a high correlation between two random, unrelated statistics. Harvard law student Tyler Vigen made a hilarious collection of spurious correlations to emphasize the fact that correlation does not imply causation. Divorce and Margarine Bedsheet Deaths and Ski Profits Norwegian Oil and Train Accidents Miss America and Murder Uranium and Arcade Revenue North Carolinian Marriage and Executions Sour Cream and Motorcycle Accidents Power Line Accidents and...

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